Vegetarian lives longer life!!!

Vegetarian lives longer life!!!
29 Oct 2016


Research Studies recommends avoiding meat for a long and healthy life. The ultimate key to healthy ageing probably does lie in controlling our life style environment that includes eating too. From the available research outputs it is possible that eating a meat-free diet can contribute to the controlling of life style environment. Avoiding meat in your diet could certainly increase your chances of avoiding disease as you age.

Our ability to live a long life is highly influenced by a combination of our genes and our life style environment. The studies in this area has estimated that 30% of this influence comes from our genes, meaning that rest 70%  that control how long a person lives is their life style environment.

Of the many possible life style environmental factors, few have been in depth studied or debated as our diet. Our Calorie restriction is one area that is being investigated. So far, studies seem to show that restricting calories can increase lifespan, at least in small creatures.

What we eat is a hot topic to study rather than how much we eat. However  meat consumption is often put under the microscopic studies. A sudy that tracked almost 100,000 Americans for five years found that non-meat eaters were less likely to die of any cause during the study period than meat eaters. This effect was especially noticeable in males.

Some multiple-analyses in the respective areas have shown that a diet-low in meat is associated with greater longevity.  The longer a person sticks to a meat-free diet, the greater the longevity benefit.

What is proved out of evidence is that meat-free diets can reduce the risk of developing health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. There is some evidence to suggest that vegetarians possibly offer added protection against the risk of health problems.



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