Literature is the powerful media of global vision. Writing is but the intellectual interpretation of such vision. Vision is the windows open to Philosophy. This is the scriptural metamorphosis of Dr. C.T. William’s writing. It was this scriptural phenomenon that inspired Dr. C.T. William to write several of his remarkable literary Works that opened the windows to Philosophy. Being an Indian Writer who blossomed in the Gods own country Kerala, his literary creations are debated among the chosen intellectual minority rather than elected popular majority.

C.T. William has nine books to highlight his literary splendors. Manava Vibhava Vikasana Thathwachinthayum Arthashastravum (Malayalam: Philosophy, 2005, Publishers: Kerala Sahithya Academy, Thrissur), Ithuvare (Malayalam: Poems, 2009, Publishers: Current Books, Thrissur), Shabdham Ayodhya Vare Ethumbol (Malayalam: Criticism, 2011, Publishers: Sign Books, Thiruvananthapuram), Vilapatthinte Ilakal (Malayalam: Poems, 2013, Publishers: Maluben Books, Thiruvananthapuram), Nakshathrangal Chuvakkunnilla (Malayalam: Travelogue, 2013, Publishers: Dharmartham Books, Thrissur), Shesham Sheshan (Malayalam: Biography, 2013, Publishers: Mathrubhumi Books, Kozhikode), Kautilya Unleashed (English: Management, 2014, Publishers: Partridge India, A Penguin Random Company), Seethamar Karayukayaanu (Seetha is crying), (Malayalam: Poems, 2018: Publishers: Mentor Books, Thrissur) and Swargeeya Narakam (The heavenly Hell), (Malayalam: Travelogue, 2018: Publishers: Mentor Books, Thrissur).

On Kautilya Unleashed

bookIt was Dr. C.T. William’s unquenchable thirst for pragmatic philosophy that resulted in the writing of the book “Kautilya Unleashed” (published by Partridge India). The practical philosophy he invented and got inspired is the Philosophy of Human Resource Development that inherent in the great Indian classic
Arthashastra of Kautilya-the cosmic guru who wrote the Bible of Administration and Management.

This book is an authentic guide and hand book for the global citizen to lead a successful life personal, political as well as organizational by applying the gospels of Human Resource Development and
Management that have deep-rooted in the Oriental Philosophy. It is the Bible of Management specifically of Human Resource Development. It consists of gospels of Administration, Political Diplomacy, Philosophy of Human Resource Development, Economics, Psychology of the society and the ethics of war and peace.

“The book Kautilya Unleashed will appeal to readers because it is an essential practical guide to the global citizen, students of management and to the leaders of the world, Dr. William said.” Compared to other books of its kind, it is a simplified version of philosophic management thoughts in which students of management and the general readers could easily follow and encapsulate,” he added.

“Kautilya Unleashed” is the fruitful effort of a decadal intellectual meditation of the author. It will act as an energizer to the readers and will inspire them to work for the re-building of the self, society, nation and the world.