The Secret of Invisible Covid-19

The Secret of Invisible Covid-19
13 Mar 2020

The invisible attack makes the mysterious virus Covid-19 visible. The globe has forgotten to revolve and rotate in fear. All the cities and villages in the world are void of people. All journeys have come to an end. Prayers and meditations have gone individual and private. No best wishes. No salutations.

My friends and readers are frequently asking me why I am not vlogging and blogging. That is why I am appearing before you as a vlogger and blogger. Actually this is not the time for either vlogging or blogging my dears. This is but the time for self-discipline self-indulgence in prayers. Yes, this is the time to overcome the crisis and overrule the anarchy of the virus, Covid-19.

Pandemics are a precedence. It creates martyrs and leaves some people to lament the death and offer tributes. Covid-19 is a Pandemic. It will also do the same.

A few days back, BBC reported a heart-touching story of a husband and wife kept in isolation at Rome, due to Covid-19. The husband dies. The wife is weeping. Nobody attended them. Because that is the rule of Covid-19. What might have happened to them is unknown? This is the story from the holy land. We could imagine the situation if it happens in a land that is not so holy.

The final balance sheet of the disastrous transactions of Covid-19 is neither computable nor predictable. Lakhs of people are compulsorily hovering about Covid-19 for being more negative than positive. The positives crossed thousands. The human lives are struggling before Covid-19 for being negative rather than positive. Be positive is not at all the acceptable slogan before Covid-19.

The tragic entry of Covid-19 is from China through Wuhan, the city of graves. Covid-19 enforced to lock down Wuhan. After months Wuhan is now opened. Wuhan has lost lives, but Wuhan is saluting the people who fought and won the lethal virus, Covid-19. At the same time, we could not forget the lethal lapse that encouraged the growth and spread of the deadly virus. There was a lapse on behalf of the country in preventing the virus and the grave lapse still sowing tragedies world-wide.

We know how Covid-19 entered in Kerala. There was also the same lapse on behalf of those governed and the government. It is the purposeful ignorance of three people trespassed the airport who are now extinguishing the hopes of the population. It is also an undeniable fact that the government machinery has terribly failed to catch and cage the virus-infected triumvirate that trespassed the law of the land and humanity.

Afterward, the government machinery worked alert. Better late than never. The government could curb and control disasters to some extent. I salute the health ministry of the government of Kerala. But need to say that it is high time for corrections in the behavioral attitudes of the Keralites. They should abstain from trespassing. They should honor the natural guidelines that bring peace of mind in the country. They should stop brick-batting. They should respect the laws of the land of their own mother country.

The orientation programs to make people aware of the gravity of Covid-19 is not only the responsibility of the state alone but of the people too, unbiased of politics. The political parties have their own responsibilities to exercise. The politicians who oriented people on constitutional awareness recently have the same responsibility to orient people on Covid-19. The opposition party should keep away from dirty games to uphold the party. They should stand with the people for causes on humanitarian grounds too. They should learn the lesson that it is the people who make opposition and the ruling party.



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