The Blue lights and First Nights of England

The Blue lights and First Nights of England
05 Jul 2020

After a desperate separation for three months, England is having their frenzied first night. Enchanting pubs and restaurants reopened. Saloons and cinemas are alive. Parks sparkled. England is on.

However, the ministers and medical officers reminded the people that the honey-moon is not fully “risk-free”. Social distancing will continue within 1m to 2m subject to the situations. Masks and Sanitizing are essentials for people to get closer.  

Before entering the honey-moon privacies, people have lit blue lights all over to pay homage to those who lost their lives during the pandemic.  Downing Street along with other public buildings including Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower, the Shard, and the Wembley Arch was was illuminated blue. But, it is reported that restrictions on hospitality still remain in Scotland and Wales. It is also expected that England will be back to life very soon.

However, people are excited to stay the night away from home for the first time after three months. They are alive with campsites and holiday accommodations. It is also reported that a high volume of traffic including caravans were rushed to the roads to create blockades.

Some of the bars, pubs, and restaurants were still remained shut under the confusions and modes Operandi, how to implement social distancing guidance of the Government. The people, in fact, are still seen observing the pandemic-mitigation while they are enjoying the ease of restrictions.

The people are expected to reserve tables in advance and also to register their details prior to coming to public entertainment places. Reservations have flowed from the borders to ensure the facilities. At the same time the health officials reminding the people of the pandemic-mitigation measures and guidelines as usual to avoid the possibility of a second wave of the pandemic.

As of today, the UK is having 284900 pandemic cases and 44198 deaths. The status regarding the ‘Recovered’ is not available in the web sites concerned. Even then England is enjoying their first nights.



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