Covid-19 will be over within two years-WHO Chief

Covid-19 will be over within two years-WHO Chief
22 Aug 2020

While Speaking in Geneva, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization now declared that the coronavirus pandemic will be over within a period of under two years. Dr. Tedros is optimistic about the power of the current technology, national unity, and global solidarity that will enable us to halt the virus within two years.

Comparing Spanish Flu, he said that the rate of affected cases and death is negligible and within the control. The deadly flu of 1918 had killed about 50 million people whereas the coronavirus has so far killed almost 800,000 people and infected 23 million, which brings us hope.

Earlier, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of World Health Organization confessed that Covid-19 is worsening day by day as some countries are undermining the public trust in the attempt to bring the pandemic under control. Dr. Tedros was mainly targeting Donald trump among the country leaders who have undermined the public trust. He also alleged that many countries are directed in the wrong direction and comfortably forgetting the fact that Covid-19 is the No. 1 public enemy

Dr. Tedros always insisted that measures such as social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks inappropriate situations needed to be taken seriously and also warned that there would be no chance of a return to the old normal life in the foreseeable future.

Recently, Dr. Tedros said to the world, “Suppress, suppress, and suppress the virus. If we suppress the virus effectively, we can safely open up societies.” Witnessing 23 million registered Covid-19 cases and 8 lakh death cases, WHO, finding no other way to escape the pandemic, messages the global citizen to suppress the virus. And the global society is suppressing the virus the way they could.

Feeling grave concern over the pain and suffering about the pandemic statistics, Dr. Tedros believes that it’s never too late to turn off the outbreak and the organization still finds solace to see green shoots of hope of survival.

He believed that strong and precise combination measures like rapid case identification, comprehensive contact tracing, and adequate clinical care for patients, physical distancing, mask-wearing, regular cleaning of hands and coughing away from others, should be implemented effectively.

Now the last message from Dr. Tedros is very much hopeful that the pandemic will be over within a period of under two years.



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