WHO Message: Suppress, Suppress, and Suppress the Virus

WHO Message: Suppress, Suppress, and Suppress the Virus
13 Aug 2020

“Suppress, suppress, and suppress the virus. If we suppress the virus effectively, we can safely open up societies.” This is the latest message from the World Health Organization.

Witnessing 20+ million registered Covid-19 cases and 7.5+lakhs death cases, WHO, finding no other way to escape the pandemic, messages the global citizen to suppress the virus. And the global society is suppressing the virus the way they could.

Feeling grave concern over the pain and suffering about the pandemic statistics, WHO believe that it’s never too late to turn off the outbreak and the organization still finds solace to see green shoots of hope of survival.

The Leaders must step up to take action and citizens need to embrace new measures, WHO reminds the nations citing the successful stories from Mekong Region, New Zealand, Rwanda, and many island states across the Caribbean and the Pacific were government are able to suppress the virus early. The World Health Organization has praised the operational performances of the people of New Zealand and Rwanda to arrest the virus. Nations should enable their citizen to have the Covid-19 test and treatment free-of-cost.

Strong and precise combination measures like rapid case identification, comprehensive contact tracing, and adequate clinical care for patients, physical distancing, mask-wearing, regular cleaning of hands and coughing away from others, should be implemented effectively.



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