Thrissur Pooram; Think of Possibilities, forget Impossibilities

Thrissur Pooram; Think of Possibilities, forget Impossibilities
18 Apr 2021

Thrissur Pooram is famous for its incomparable harmony that applies to the whole festival environment of the ever-acclaimed festival. The festival harmonizes the whole Desas or Karas (local provinces) in terms of its rites, rituals, and brotherhood. Thrissur Pooram is the festival that cleanses the whole Shivapuri and even all the frontiers of brotherhood across the world for years.

But the festival organizers this year have sabotaged all the good that Thrissur Pooram held for ages. In the midst of Covid Pandemic and agonies, they have decided to conduct Thrissur Pooram with all its celebrations that will certainly violate the Covid protocol. They have deliberately shunned the advice and recommendations of the Health Department in the context of Covid and are adamantly going ahead to conduct the festival without any social concern.

It is also surprising a fact that the people’s representatives and even the government machinery are egoistically after the conduct of the festival forgetting the fact that it might aggravate Covid causalities not only in Thrissur but in the outskirts of Thrissur. The Social activists, Writers, and Cultural Icons of Thrissur are also keeping mum in this matter.

The recent Covid statistics show that Thrissur is having a Covid Test Positivity Ratio (TPR) higher than 40 %, which is a grave figure. The district is also having its Covid victims at present, nearly 2000 and it is likely to increase in the coming days. The health department has prophesied that the unrestricted conduct of Thrissur Pooram will multiply the Covid casualties exponentially as it is.

The common people concerned are continuously propagating their disinterest in conducting the festival violating the Covid protocol through social media for the last few days. But, the stubborn authorities and even the local government along with the state government are still holding an uncompromising attitude to conduct the event knowingly that the same might invite unpleasant Covid casualties.

In fact, considering the genre and proceedings of the festival, say that this festival could not be carried out by observing the protocol of Covid such as wearing the mask, sanitizing, and keeping social distance. The hundreds of rhythm artists known as the Chenda or Drum Players neither wear masks, sanitize nor keeping social distance. Because the same will affect their easy performances.

Those who are controlling the elephants, Ana Papans, and those involved with the elephants are also could not observe the Covid Protocol. Besides, tens of thousands of crowd that involves this festival also could not be controlled.

But, the authorities, quite deliberately and comfortably shut their eyes and conscience against these tragic realities and moving ahead with a suicidal attitude that might bring irreparable Pandemic consequences.

I appeal to the concerned to rethink and react to save the lives of innocent people of Thrissur and the devotees of Thrissur all over the world. We may conduct Thrissur Pooram this year limited to its rites and rituals strictly observing the Pandemic protocols. Just think of the possibilities and forget the impossibilities.



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