They made it, the Dogs Own Country

They made it, the Dogs Own Country
21 Feb 2019

I have started journalism as a parallel profession in the early 80’s. I have scribed for thirty years and still continues. Now I am seriously thinking of abstain from this passionate career for the history of my nose for news has terribly been ashamed of now a days stinking journalism.

The new species of journalists are operating their job simply for money from their employers and from the sources of either manufactured or crafted news or stories. Being highly anxious and perplexed, I used to gather the valuable comments on this grave issue from the grey-haired as well as from the bush-cut journalists around me. To my surprise they commented sincerely that most of them are treating this watch-dogging career as a money making business without any sacred mission once it had.

The governments that are global as usual have auctioned the scribes and writers of a country simply to cumulate intellectual assets for the ruled and the opposition as well. As per the statutory conditions put forth by the government, these scribes and writers are dancing with their sponsored pen for the ruled and the opposition. As a result, the scribes and the writers of this country are treated and honoured by the government as their own flexible intellectual property. For their submissive services, these scribes and writers are being well-paid either in cash or kind by the government itself.

The recent disasters that engulfed our country specifically Kerala are the deluge, blasphemy and the diabolic political murders. It is social tragic fact that we learned nothing from these disasters. The deluge has washed out the sacred mantle of this Gods own country and government instead of being a watch dog to this situation, it has enthusiastically engaged in inspecting the mantle of those who mounted Sabarimala in the age limit of 10 to 50. The Apex court has legally provided a cool and safe royal shade for such activities that have led in fact beyond the limits of blasphemy. We could not blame the Apex Court for this; because it is the people that turned their face away from the Goddess of justice. In response to those who arose against the blasphemy, though politically motivated, the government confronted it militarily and sometimes manhandled the people, positioning themselves behind the wall that vandalised the good spirits of democracy and secularism.

Perhaps due to the curse of God or the curse of democracy, our noble country has transformed itself a graveyard of inhuman political murders. Believe it or not, the statistics tell us the fact that scores of innocent people are being murdered with the ideological, political or sacramental consent of the political parties that rules or stands opposition. The government and the security forces that should safeguard people have pathetically lost their democratic credentials and they acted together as the unpleasant coup that have sabotaged the safe lives of the poor people of this country.

There is no specific or particular difference between the people concerned here to be noticed or published, because the ruled and the opposition both stands the same as if they were the two sides of the same fake or forged coin. The great watch dogs of this country; the scribes and the writers are piping submissively for the sake of the ruled and the opposition. On account of their harmonised piping, the ruled and the opposition are paying them in cash or honour. The result, these fatally chosen people of the country has metamorphosed this Gods own country to the Dogs own country.



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