The Virtual Emergence Of Knowledge

The Virtual Emergence Of Knowledge
19 Jun 2018

The good old reading days are gone. Our past voracious reading days are often haunting us. We have enforcedly lost our good flavours of reading books and newspapers. The tragedy is not with us too. Our experience infer that read-worthy stuff is drastically diminishing day by day. The writers and journalists too are responsible for this. In fact they too represent the emerging industrial corporates; the prosperous industry of information and knowledge.

The tragic fact that we could not expect more from a society where writers more and readers less. In this context, I tragically reminds the confession of a publisher who really trails difficult times to complete the great task of publishing substantial quantity of books a year for which he was given the whole publishing expenses in advance. He said writers are mushrooming nowadays that he was really unable to meet their publishing demands in stipulated time span. It’s a great time for the writers to publish their works at a meagre cost of Rs. 10000 bucks; and the publishers are too mushrooming to exploit the demands.

We are all enforced to confess that our knowledge bank is still having the balance what we had earned during our good old reading days in the past. It is the fact that the reality still haunts and faints us. No way to escape from this unavoidable virtual situation. Because our new virtual age enforces us to tide over this inevitable situations. We could not blame the emerging times of virtual age. It is the age our posterity. We could not provide them another alternative instead.

Computer literacy has its successful history of three or four decades here in India; and it is still continuing. The revolutionary emergence of social media has engulfed the whole society without any division or discrimination. It is an age of speedy writing and quick responses. The speedy feeds and feedbacks acts as mutual encouragements and motivations; though the quality and substance of the stuff undergo impoverish. Even then, the virtual age could not escape from this indispensable virtual technology of knowledge dissemination. What left here is the survival of the best within the limitations of this virtual age. Let us do for the best to come and inspire those footage leads to promising posterity.



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