The Revolution of Human Relationships

The Revolution of Human Relationships
06 Aug 2022

The next remarkable revolution will be the revolution of human relationships. The conventional relationship has begun either to come down or about to vanish. The concept of marriage has been re-defined or re-translated and has now been transformed into unconditional fantastic relationships. In effect, the concept of monogamy has become an idiotic tale and the revolutionary concept of non-monogamous relationships has emerged everywhere. Fortunately, the pandemic has accelerated the spread of the revolution in relationships.

Sexual partnerships, beyond the societal guidelines of marriages, have been democratised in the whole world. The democracy of fair and free sexual relationships have grown and blossomed into a remarkable revolution in human relationship. The spirit of non-monogamous relationships has become a socially approved sexual partnership with the mutual consent and must-factor of the present so-called monogamous couples. Sex has become essentiality beyond colour, creed, religion, customs, dogmas and other traditional or sociological barriers or practices.

During the pandemic, monogamous relationships are at stake due to the reasons bundled with travel Bann, fear of contact and those related issues with the quarantine. So people are free to enter into a courtship with the available brave acquaintances and later established such relationships as non-monogamous partnerships. Besides, the agonies of imposed pandemic isolations tempted people to enter into more socialising and free sexual fleeing or care-free sexual partnerships.

The current social situation and environment have become non-monogamous-friendly. The people all over the world now have become part of a future revolution- the revolution of non-monogamous relationships. The sociologists are closely examining the impact and consequences of such a sporadic and eventful revolution.


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