The Indians alive appeal to government: Please change the health policy

The Indians alive appeal to government: Please change the health policy
26 Jul 2020

According to WHO guidelines community transmission is happening as and when evidenced by our inability to relate confirmed cases through chains of transmission for a large number of cases. Globally this has been understood as simple as when the source of infection can’t be traced in a large number of cases, it’s safe to define it as community transmission. But Incredible India still goes incredible and keep away from this understanding. Though it is too late Kerala and Bengal have now admitted that there is community spread. Thank God for their late wisdom.

Since India denies the fact that there is a community spread in the country, the nation could not proceed with the urgent measures to be taken for preventing the community spread at large. India still clings to the individual case identification, contact tracing, and quarantining, the strategies that will no longer work nor necessary in a large-scale community transmission scenario.

As the health infrastructure was not so developed to combat the community transmission that is not declared yet, people are feared to confess the disease and reluctant to go for treatment that is not so facilitated to make them satisfied and to ensure that it will save their lives. This is the community tragedy now India facing.  

The IMA and the health Experts evidently stated very earlier that there was full-fledged community transmission happening in India. But the government refused to accept the findings from the authorities concerned. The government has wasted valuable time over the ambiguous definition of community transmission and played politics to confront the pandemic. Now India has recorded more than 1.3 million cases. 32,000 deaths, 4.5 lakh active cases, and 9000 critical cases.

The humble appeal of the massive Indian population to the center and state government is this: Please understand the ground realities and do the needful to save the lives of the poor Indians who still helplessly believe the governments. Please change your health policies and stop playing “Hide and Seek” before the Indians struggling with their lives amidst the pandemic.



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