The Great Graveyard Protest of Brazil

The Great Graveyard Protest of Brazil
12 Jun 2020

The symbolic graveyard protest staged in Brazil on the huge spread of the pandemic and death all over the country has become a piece of global news. The historic protest was organized by the members of the Rio de Paz group of activists. Brazil has become a country to mourn for the thousands of the dead, and the unemployment and hunger are shooting up.

The activists under the leadership of the organizer, Antonio Carlos Costa, created a symbolic graveyard opposite the famous Copacabana Hotel where symbolic graves and black crosses were installed. The action is to open the eyes of president Jair Bolsonaro who is still impassive and inactive amidst the mortal spread of the pandemic and deaths in the country.

The activists were very much sensitive and angry at the Brazilian Government’s response and reaction to Covid-19 causalities and protested symbolically creating 100 graves on Rio’s Copacabana beach to remember the country’s nearly one lakh Covid-19 cases and half lakh deaths.

President Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters, as usual, had mocked the event and the care-free attitude continues. The country was, by all means, have divided on the issue of Covid-19. Brazil has the world’s highest number of pandemic cases and deaths and the same also continues.



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