The fleshy fumes that Weep

The fleshy fumes that Weep
16 Apr 2021

India with its 1.50 crores of Active Covid patients along with its terrific 1.75 crores death is treading through tough and crucial phases. Sooner India will be placed first in the Covid tragedies in the Globe. The Government, however, struggling its level best to control the causalities but has proved that things are moving adversely. Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Kerala have become the active hub of Covid now.

Reports from BBC have revealed the darker side of the pandemic tragedy. Their investigations have proved that the essential drugs such as Remdesivir and Tocilizumab to treat Covid are suffering from an acute shortage in the pharmacy market. Naturally, the black market has gone active nowadays. The drugs are available in the black market at a cost five times more than the original price. Normally a patient needs at least five to seven vials of drugs to treat in emergency conditions.

The preventive vaccines, on the other hand, have also proved insufficient in the domestic market. The government, however, informed the people that the export of these drugs and vaccines have discontinued. But the fact is that India is crucially running with an acute shortage of drugs and vaccines. The people of India are still groping in the dark along with the big promises and information displayed over Covid- Oriented Websites and on News Headlines.

The recent analysis has shown that the pandemic has aggravated all over the country with its untimely withdrawal of lockdown and other control measures. The Government under the shade of economic slowdown has withdrawn all the inevitable restrictions that might have controlled the pandemic. The free and fearless celebrations of festivals and other social events have aggravated the exponential growth of the pandemic.

The declaration of election all over the country has further deteriorated the pandemic situations uncontrollable. As the things are getting worse to its dead end, the government is now in a dilemma that the unleashed free and fearless public could neither instructed nor controlled to any extent further. And the government now is simply dancing to the tragic tunes played by the public. The political parties, Corporates, and the Media are also contributing their best to make the dancing event of the government a fantastic fusion.

The fleshy fumes that go out from the Indian pandemic graveyards are sadly harmonizing the tragic fantastic fusion. My appeal to the government is to stop dancing and to prevent the fleshy fumes that weeping over this big and promising India.



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