Tantalizing Matrimonial dot coms and me

Tantalizing Matrimonial dot coms and me
20 Oct 2021

Yes, that day was the doomsday for all, me too. The day on which the great invincible Covid 19, the 7th of its kind took charge of the world. The world has become a global republic under the rule of Covid 19. And the reign is continuing. The global community has become unavoidably submissive to the great pied piper, Covid 19. Covid 19, the ever-mighty republican spirit is super-dominantly eclipses the earth under its shadow.

At that time, I was in the motherland of Covid 19 in India. I have reported the news to my readers once or twice. Then like a turtle, I withdrew from the active world of reporting and airing. My legs were chained. My hands were shackled. My heart was blocked. My brain was frozen. To make matters worse, my friend, lover, and pure partner who enjoyed serene togetherness with me, left me. One fine morning her broken husband came in a car and detached her from me with mutual consent. I was imprisoned at home and, I was just bonded to my laptop and sometimes to my cell phone.

Two years passed. I was neither freed nor sanctioned parole. I have celebrated my solitude before the Covid Republic. But, during the Covid Republican period, I could not enjoy either my loneliness or my pampering solitude. Solitude has become a pressure all over my body. It has made me depressed, dejected, and disappointed. I searched for a safety valve to release my horrible pressure.

Thus, I hopefully surfed and reached somewhere in the dating apps. Feeling depressed more and more, I, at last, reached in some matrimonial apps too. These dating spaces are the domain of the Lord Tantalises. They tantalized me and tapped my money to tap on the hives of bees. Several bees swarmed around me with romantic bumbling. Many of them are queen bees. The queens are named Ansy, Monsy, Vinsy, Rosy, Magsy, Nikkie, Sandsy…..All names are imaginary for the sake of this confession.

The queens are telling their saddest thoughts in the sweetest tone and tune. I have listened to their hearts that poured the sweetest songs that tell us their saddest experiences of life. Some, wept. Some, cried. Some, made outcries. Some, brought me treasured wine in antique cellars. Some, promised me oozy cakes of honey, they collected. Some, promise me nectar of endless love. Some showered enchanting spiritual nectar. My ears stood before them while I sit before them. My lips throbbed before them like a slowly opening flower. My eyes danced before them as if they enjoy romantic opera. But all the bees are afraid of the hives they are about to hire or fire. They bumbled in and out, frightened. Some of them, hummed over my ears. Some others, pondered over my eyelashes. Some, poured virtually romantic nectar into my lips. Some, showered dreams into my heart. Some, withdrew with fears. Some, uttered obscure affirmatives in between yes and no. All are swarming in and around me for the last so many days and nights. Now I am just frozen before them like a snowy flower or a rocky statue. Who among them will animate me? Whom among them will be animated by me? 


ct william

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