Raman-The Legend

Raman-The Legend
12 May 2019

I am of opinion that no wild animals should be domesticated and no domestic animals should be thrown into wilderness. In fact, people are doing the both violating the laws of the land and nature. Precisely and without any zigzags, I am coming straight to the man-made controversies cornering the most noble and great elephant, Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran.

Raman, the pet named Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran is the elephant of Asia having exceptional specifications of its kind. Yes, Raman is the most respective and honoured elephant in Kerala. Hence it is the noble right of Raman to be sacredly paraded to the historic Vadakkumnathan Temple and to proclaim the historic Thrissur Pooram Festival to the world while opening the doors of the southern entrance of the temple. And Raman was executing the historic ritual for the last so many years.

Unfortunately the year 2019 become a year of negation that has made Raman orphan. But the fervent fans and devotees of Raman were up and reacted against the injustice done to this honourable elephant. Evidently it is the politics of religion that played foul against this poor old animal. The recent electioneering in Thrissur has divided the people of Kerala, especially of Thrissur on the basis of religion and certain rites and rituals. On the basis of this hectic and heinous political divisions, Raman is branded as an assassin and disabled to be marginalised and dumped him into the animal asylum for the old. The honourable district collector of Thrissur has issued a decree to ban Raman to this effect under the pressure of pro-government political mechanism. At last Raman has to approach the honourable high court and the court has played the neutral role of Pilate and Raman once again begged for the mercy of the civil administration of Thrissur.

After examining the case history of Raman, I would say that Raman is innocent. Raman is made an assassin due to the wild interference of the social environment. People have comfortably forgot the fact about the wilderness within Raman and they in fact played wilderness on this poor elephant; and the unpleasant consequences. While comparing the wild criminal behaviour of the so called socio-culturally literate politicians of Kerala, the wildness of Raman is quite negligible. This is the truth and the fact.

At last the people’s court of conscience heard Raman and honoured him; the historic ‘Raman effect’ proved once again. Raman, at last is allowed to execute the historic proclamation ceremony of the Thrissur Pooram Festival as usual. Now Raman as an honourable VIP or VIE (Very Important Elephant) was ushered in to the courtyard of historic Vadakkumnathan Temple and sacredly paraded to open the doors of the southern entrance of the temple and the historic Thrissur Pooram Festival was proclaimed to the world. The ever-great Raman, the Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran was thus made the elephant of the time and to be the part of history and culture of Kerala. His fanning ears, swinging trunk and the dancing eyeballs now playing the musical notes of thankfulness to those who stood for him and the animal world.



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