On broken Love and Philosophy of Love

On broken Love and Philosophy of Love
14 Feb 2019

It’s again a Lovers Day. St. Valentine is once again remembered. Lovers in force and in divorce are also remembered. To those love in force could celebrate the day and to those love in divorce could celebrate the day with broken fragments of embers of love that still fumes to die.

To me it’s a day of broken love. It is broken not with the consent of lovers; but with the comments of others. Like most of the lovers, my lover is also a coward. I tried my level best to eliminate her cowardice for the last thirty years of hot love; but terribly failed. I know she still loves me in the dark but she could not love me in the light. Amidst the brilliance of light she pretends love and in the dense darkness she extends her vibrant love.

But for me, love should be there in light as well as in darkness along with its maximum fervour and frenzy. Lovers should not be cowards; but brave. Cowardice is beautiful only in the early stages of the blooming of love. But later on, when love is endorsed and accounted mutually, it has to be brave enough to show its romantic mettle throughout the light and darkness. Because real love matures only in its bravery to accept the love in open cosmic; not to reject the nectar of love in terms of light and darkness.

My lover prefer to love in dark and prefer to reject love in light. Hence our love is broken for want of its establishment in light and openness. Where a lover prefer to love in dark and hate in light; love will never prosper. Because real love knows no borders of light and darkness. Love knows no borders of any relative factors other than the lovers. Real love will never prosper in the midst of options and opportunities. Real love should not be a victim of options, alternatives and opportunities. Because options, alternatives and opportunities will kill the sanctity and continuity of love.

I believe in the sanctity of love. For me love is divine and open. My love knows no borders of light and darkness. My love knows no borders of any material relative factors of the lovers. My love knows only the lovers who are having romantically enriched mind, body and soul. My love should not be practical that bends according to the domestic or cosmic weather conditions. For me love is that flows spontaneously from the heart and it flows uninterruptedly to eternity. But my lover is against the spontaneity of love. My lover translate love as secretive, practical, mechanical and environmentally controlled even after long thirty years of love. Time has shackled our love for the last thirty years. Hence it is broken.

Wish you all a thought provoking Valentine’s Day.



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