My eve will come peacefully.

My eve will come peacefully.
23 Nov 2021

I was anti-romantic during my adulthood. The reason for the ant-romanticism is my fancies and imagination for creative arts. It was my honeymoon period after I was wedded to the queen of imagination. To speak so specifically, it was a fantastic period in my life. Thanks to the muses that inspired me in those days.

Afterward, the honeymoon was over. My works of art were all frozen within me and very much volatile outside me. My audience was very much happy with my words and the works that have fired their imaginations and perceptions. But the artist within me has become unanimated for want of something romantic beingness that I have forgotten to animate within myself. 

My search for romance reached nowhere but lingered somewhere for years. One of my colleague-turned friends has pegged me around her of no use either for herself or myself. I do not know still why she should have pegged me around for a long time? But now, I knew that it’s her jealousy towards those who remained unmarried and enjoyed life beautifully. She was wreaking revenge on her husband, who spoiled her life for being married to her. 

She was the reincarnation of Miss Havisham the jealous character portrayed in Charles Dicken’s novel- The Great Expectations. She has executed poetic justice one day. She brought her thrown-out husband one day and joined him back to her life. Thus she has made me an orphan to satisfy her revenge upon the menfolk.

But it was a great experience for me and my journey of love. Out of my valuable experiences of what is not love, I have written my gospel of love or scriptures of love. My ten scriptures of love are:-

1. Sometimes you may be loved; some other times you will be thrown out, such love is dangerous.2. Mutual respect, appreciation, and unconditional love make love divine and eternal. 3. Do not love one for the denied love, because whenever they capture their love denied, you will be a captive. 4. Do not love those who love you secretly after dawn or at dusk, because it is not sacred love. 5. The soul and body of the married are for the children, husband or lover can never enjoy the soul or body of the married. 6. It is easy to download the required love from the internet, but very difficult to download the love from the heart. 7. Love originates naturally, grows physically, and blooms spiritually. 8. I love you is a promissory note to be cancelled within a specific time; so cash it soon. 9. Lovers should not be an option or alternative to both, so lovers will soon lose love. 10. Too much pampering of love will spoil the lasting temper of love. 

Now I am in my fag-end-of-life. I have become maturely romantic now. I am expecting the one and final eve who have learned and observed my ten commandments of love. My eve will come peacefully. 


ct william

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