Mohanlal’s Pulimuragan roars for the Box Office crores; not for the cinema

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23 Oct 2016

Pulimurugan is a film exclusively framed for the superstar Mohanlal’s dynamism. Mohanlal has done a wonderful job. The script, the location, the cinematography, the choreography and all other technical, graphic and musical ingredients are used for the professional enhancement of the superstar Mohanlal.

All the major supporting actors such as Lal, Kamalinini Mukharji, Namita, Suraj and even the Villain Jagapathi Babu are but useless garbage for this cinema. However they were treated as contrasting background to illumine the super-heroism of the super star Mohanlal.

The only supporting acting element is a 10 meter long leather tape attached with a small knife and the so called “Vel” or spear of the new avatar of Puranic Murugan.

The film is an action-packed thriller-entertainer crafted for the super star Mohanlal and for the Kollywood-transformed Kerala audience.

The film is a beautifully blended masala of which ingredients have been taken from Kollywood, Bollywood and sometimes Hollywood. But the sex work garnishing using Namita has miserably failed. What the film lacks is the Mollywood element.

The film is full of logical flaws that have spread over from script to the stunning stunt scenes. But the logically blind audience specifically made for Pulimurugan will never look into those flaws. In fact the audience fully absorbed by the lime light of the cinema will not have a split of second to divert their thoughts to such areas, for Pulimurugan is a film which caters their senses not to their reasons.

At the same time it is high time to think of the unpredictable transformation of our audience in the context of their frenzy after the historic Pulimurugan. Who should think over it is the difficult question.




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