Mind Nature to prevent Deadly outbreaks

Mind Nature to prevent Deadly outbreaks
07 Jul 2020

The UN experts have concluded that there is the only way left to save the lives of humanity; Mind the nature and preserve nature. To be more specific, protect wildlife and preserve the environment. Zoonotic diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans are accelerated at an unbelievable speed.

When we kill wildlife for animal protein and fat, mind it kills in turn about two million people almost every year. These people are both low or middle-income countries and they die from endemic zoonotic diseases such as Ebola, West Nile virus, SARS, anthrax, bovine tuberculosis, and rabies; and at last Covid-19.

The wiping out of our wildlife and environment also means that we are also wiping out the climate that supports the human lives on earth. This damage costs high and the global economy was exhausted by $100 billion over the past two decades. It is also assessed that Covid-19 will cost approximately $9 trillion in the coming years.

The global environmental situation is grave according to the report by the United Nations Environment Programme and the International Livestock Research Institute.  Meat production and consumption have increased by 260% in the last half-a-century. As a result, our natural environment was badly affected due to the degradation of land and wildlife exploitation. The ecological balance was thus lost and the world has witnessed more than six deadly outbreaks.

The UN environment studies say that our Dams, irrigation, and factory farms are deadly connected to 25% of infectious diseases in humans, mainly zoonotic diseases. According to the report, climate change has contributed greatly to the spread of pathogens. The report emphasizes on promoting sustainable land management, improving biodiversity, and accelerating scientific research.

Yes, we have to mind nature to prevent more deadly outbreaks in the future.



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