Let Mind go Blank and bring Health

Let Mind go Blank and bring Health
20 Oct 2016


Keep your mind go blank five minutes daily, workout for one hour and play any sport regularly to keep you fit as a fiddle.

This guideline is created and released jointly by authorities, including Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Health and Family Planning Commission and Chinese Health Education Center.

The health regulators also stressed the importance of a more balanced diet. As suggested by the new Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, an individual should consume more than 12 kinds of food on a daily basis and 25 on a weekly basis.

The guideline added that stress, insomnia, anxiety, excessive eating and drinking and deteriorating memories are very common among the working class.

Wu Tao, an expert in emotional management and a member of the International Coach Federation, said long-term emotional stress can have severe health consequences and may lead to cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems and even cancer. It will also cause adverse effects on one’s family, career and social interaction, if not managed appropriately and immediately.

Only emotional awareness and effective control over emotions could mitigate negative energy and to regain positive energy.




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