Japan Blames China’s Anal Swab Test for Covid-19

Japan Blames China’s Anal Swab Test for Covid-19
02 Mar 2021

The Japanese have complained that the Chinese procedure of taking swabs from the anus brings “Psychological distress”, hence the same should be discontinued. BBC has reported this news today. The anal swab collection is done on those Japanese who enter China and those who remain for quarantine. Some of the US diplomats who have undergone such tests also complained the same.

In fact, China claims that they have largely brought Coronavirus under control this year through carrying the procedure of anal swab testing. BBC also reported that the anal swab testing also introduced in some of the Chinese cities that have resulted in an “increase in the detection rate of infected people” early this year. It is said that the test is conducted by inserting a cotton swab into the anus and gently rotating it.

However, Japanese scientists state that the procedure of collecting swam from the anus “has not been confirmed anywhere else in the world”. The Japanese government has conveyed its anxiety over the issue to the Chinese government through the Japanese Embassy in Beijing. Anyhow, the controversial anal swab testing has become a burning issue among the experts.