Fredie Blom: The World’s Oldest Man dies at 116

Fredie Blom: The World’s Oldest Man dies at 116
23 Aug 2020

Fredie Blom, the World’s oldest man, aged 116 from South Africa died. Guinness World Records has confirmed and verified his date of birth as 8th May 1904. He was born in Eastern Cape Province. Reports say that he was survived the terrific pandemic Spanish Flu during 1918 and the two world wars.

Mr. Blom has no secrets to boast of his longevity. He spent his life as a full-time laborer on farms and also in the construction field. He retired at the age of 80. He believes in God and used to say, “There’s only one thing – it’s the man above [God]. He’s got all the power. I have nothing. I can drop over any time but He holds me.”

He was a regular smoker and gave up the habit of drinking alcohol some years back. He has only one anxiety in his life that was during coronavirus-related lockdown for he was unable to get his regular tobacco to roll his own cigar on his 116th birthday. Mr. Blom’s death was reported normal even in the times of Covid-19. The strong man, full of pride has chopped wood a few days back.



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