Dear Government, Please ensure Oxygen, Beds, Medicines

Dear Government, Please ensure Oxygen, Beds, Medicines
21 Apr 2021

This is the only request of every Indian to their Government. India at present is having 1.56 Crores of Covid patients of which 21 lakhs are active cases and about 1000 cases are either critical or about-die cases. 1.82 lakhs Indians dead so far. The reports say that the deaths; incredible great India enforcedly claim are due to insufficient oxygen to breathe, insufficient space to survive, and insufficient essential medicines to revive.

The Crucially pandemic-hit Indian states are struggling for their last breathe of oxygen, the final space to breathe, the last medical care to enjoy, and the deadly live space for rest in peace.

The second Covid wave is very much crucial and the people are dying suffocated without having sufficient traces of oxygen in their beloved nation. The pandemic cases as reported are multiplying mathematically exponential. India has recorded 11000 cases during June 2020 but the same has exponentially grown to lakhs this year, 2021.  

The experts say that a false sense of normalcy has crept in and everybody including the Government, officials, and the people even though they were aware of the upcoming second wave as it was globally proved. The declaration of elections, celebrations of religious events, ease of lockdowns, reopening of public places and tourist attractions have deteriorated the situation worse enough to shoot the pandemic and mortality.

The health experts also allege that there was a lack of co-ordination between states and the federal government over public health management. The reason for this could be summarized as due to the political imbalances during the recent election scenario. In order to mobilize the people and resources that are essential for the management of elections, the responsible centers have purposefully hidden the terrific pandemic statistics including the emergence of Indian variants from the people and the same was uncontrollably out after the conduct of elections.

What we need now is to strengthen our pandemic policies and protocols so that sufficient vaccination could be carried out among the population, sufficient essentials such as oxygen, bed spaces, and life-saving drugs could be provided to our people. To ensure and enable these policies and protocols, we have to forget the politics and the related public evils at least for a period where the pandemic withdrew its curse over humanity.



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