Covid, The Endless Strikes

Covid, The Endless Strikes
11 Nov 2021

Europe has once again to be the epicentre of coronavirus. The campaign for the third jab is on. The average death rate per million has touched 180 in entire Europe. UK and Italy have touched 200+. However German virologists have warned that the country will lose about one lakh people in the upcoming fourth wave of coronavirus. They reminded the government to do the needful to overcome the predicted terrific mortality.

The state of Saxony has reported the highest seven-day infection rate in Germany at 459 cases per 100,000 people. The rate has terrifically has exceeded the national rate i.e.; 232.Germany has the lowest take-up of vaccines i.e.; 57% of the population.

The experts say that a large part of the population still underestimates the gravity of the problem. This is the phenomenon in almost all countries. The people are not showing much concern towards the pandemic nowadays. Feared of the stagnant economic scenes, every government is either conveniently or comfortably; otherwise pragmatically forgetting the concern over the pandemic.

The health ministry all over the world tries to establish the fact that the vaccination drive has controlled the death rate due to the pandemic. But at the same time, the fact that the vaccinated mass all over the globe is also not at all safe to survive the casualties of Covid.

Governments all over the world are insisting that only the vaccinated public should be admitted to bars, restaurants, public events, and sport and leisure facilities.  But the implementation fails due to the protests from those who are away from the vaccination drives. Citing the events on the non-effectiveness of the vaccine, the protesters all over the world blame that the vaccine corporates are simply minting money out of it with the support of the concerned governments. China, the cradle of Coronavirus is now suffering from increase in contract cases. The country has implemented hard rules on quarantine. Amidst the confusions that are with either the public or the governments, the only way to get through is the universal call for the third jab of vaccine as the effectiveness with the previous jabs is being waned. 


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